Monday, March 14, 2011

Transliteracy - crossing borders?

Thank you for sharing these insightful ideas with us. From the day I joined for this course, the word transliteracy caught my attention. It was interesting to read about transliteracy and its meaning in various milieus. What caught my attention was the statement by Bernard Stiegler that past technologies have always involved a change in our phenomenological experience of the world (as cited in Transliteracy crossing divides). My personal experience as a foreign student, in encountering people, food habits, weather, entertainment etc in a way was an authentic introduction to transliteracy in various areas of “cultural and technological, economic, social or organic, cultural, and global” as pointed out by Jenkins.
The blueberry smoothie recipe sharing experience brings about the gist of transliteracy in an amusing way. Some of the video suggestions given are more on the note of participatory culture. I felt that the example of Asheninka tribe and their learning process was more on the note of hands on learning than transliteracy experience. There is obviously the process of sharing and learning from various environments. Can it be called transliteracy?
I found this interesting comparison of learning process in children at the TED website. Is this just literacy or transliteracy?

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