Monday, March 14, 2011

My Transliteracy with winter

My “transliteracy” with winter
Let me share one of my Transliteracy adventures. When I came to Canada, I learned all kinds of winter vocabulary and life skills from people around me. The words we use for different forms of water (snow, freezing rain, hoarfrost, hails etc.) were a real transliteracy experience.

  Hoarfrost was totally a new terminology
The frozen rivers and lakes, frozen waterfalls, all gave a profound transliteracy experience.

 I was fascinated by ice fishing and the ability to drive on frozen waters. So one day as I realised it was safe to drive on the nearby lake, I went out for my adventure all by myself. I drove straight onto the frozen lake following the tracks.

What I didn’t know was that, it’s good to have a four wheel drive to do such adventures. I got struck in the middle of the lake.
 (Back home I told my family - Jesus walked on water, I drove.)
Then I spotted some people ‘icefishing’. They lend me their hands to get out.

My first transliteracy adventure with winter gave me the courage to do many other things in the future including a winter drive to Yellowknife.

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