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Assignment 2: Project hope: A hypertext tribute to Hope

Assignment 2 : Project hope: A hypertext tribute to Hope
Title: Project Hope
Author Surname: Strasser
Author First Name: Reiner
Additional Authors: Annie Abrahams, Alan Sondheim
Publication Date : Web Publication, n.d.     
Tags & Keywords: new media; webart, cyberpoetry.      
Project hope: A Hypertext Tribute to Hope
            The Internet is increasingly being defined by new digital technologies that empower
users to develop, create, rate, and distribute Internet content and applications (O’Reilly
as cited in Hermida & Thurman, 2008). Project Hope is a collaborative attempt by many artists through the expression of hypertext, webart, cyberpoems etc to give voice to their expectation of hope. Authors like Reiner Strasser along with Annie Abrahams, Alan Sondheim others took the initiation for this website.

Image 1: Tree of Hope

            This is a website with thirty five artistic web creations placed under one window. Each point click leads you to an unexpected experience of participatory creation. This is a page for hope, co created by many artists. This is, as the website call page defines, “a step one for: new media, net art, cyber poetry works”.

There are stories, net art, poetry, flash works etc in this collection of hypertext collection.

Image 2: Road Trip - Start the tour
            Road trip by Starla Stensaas will take you through the road from Nebraska to South Dakota. The sights and thoughts of the driver, the story is presented through the clicks of the map. Some other works are just web art. Some are flash messages of hope. Bliss and other stories are also placed within the frame work. This train is a cyber poem set in an interactive media.
I will – I Can’t bring about the struggle of hope within every individual.
Image 3: I will I can't

 The monologue # 16: Shalom Alcheme seems to point out the ongoing struggle of war and peace.
Image 4: Illusion of Hope

            New media theorist Scott Lash (as cited in Beer, 2009) has recently spoken of what he describes as a ‘new new media ontology’. This is a term designed to capture a shift toward forms of living in which information becomes active in shaping lifestyles and environments (Beer, 2009, p.987). This website and various artistic expressions in it can be seen as tangible evidence for media and technology filtering into everyday lives of our lives and becoming part of our ontological expressions.
Lash, S. (2007). Power after Hegemony Cultural Studies in Mutation?; Theory, Culture &             Society, 24(3), 55–78.
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  1. Paul this is excellent! The images and new media artistic creations tell many different stories. The use of different medias allow us to create our own story out of these many images in the story of hope.
    Project Hope is very powerful and a wonderful examples of new media creations.