Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Digital Literacy & Me

My first attempt at creating a podcast certainly was not a walk in the park. Put a learning curve together with a computer that will be going into the Mac store tomorrow, for repairs and you have some moments of panic. Having listened to podcasts before mainly for music remixes, I certainly had a different understanding of them and still wonder if they aren't meant to be audio only. I used Garage Band and Imovie, both of which had some technical issues that really took some time. Uploading to was probably the easiest part of the whole assignment, although I do have to say I'm a little concerned about having this in such an 'open' forum.

The assignment had it's moments where thinking back to the different technologies and when I used them brought some laughter. The chaos in working to get this done on time while learning on the fly really made it intense. I think that in general, technology becomes so intrinsic to us that when we have to deal with glitches, it really does become unnerving. I would say that the issue I always have with technology is that once I start using it I want to really understand it and know how to use it 'well' - I want to be completely literate. Even as I post this I wish I had more time to really learn the tool and do a better job. I need to tell myself that it takes time.

The images used in the podcast are from my own photo collection.

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