Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Digital Literacy & Me

My experience of podcasting
This journey of creating a podcast was an exciting one. In the past I have tried audio podcasting just out of curiosity. But working with a video format for podcasting was my first attempt.  I learned a lot. I figured out new applications and effects.
I started to record with an external microphone and with audio recording software available with the Microsoft accessories. But the output volume was very low – i couldn’t work with it. So I tried various other programs. Then I went back to my handheld digital recorder. I transferred my file to the computer and added it to the windows movie maker, which I was very comfortable to work with.  
I learned some new tricks of transitions and extending the voice file as music input and played around with captions. I prepared a script on what I wanted to speak; organising my ideas with digital literacy. This in a way made me reflect upon the influence of digital technologies in my life over the years. Thanks for the opportunity.

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