Wednesday, April 6, 2011


harold_innis_public-domain_library_archives-canadaliteracyLascaux-aurochs cave paintingDemosthenesTranscuneiform tabletrosetta stone
ancient-roman-graffiti800pxpompeiaviaabundanciapropagandaelectoral5445_1prostitute advertising ancient rome800px-Kilroy_Was_Here_-_Washington_DC_WWII_Memorial_-_Jason_Coynemodern graffitipapyrus scroll
antisemitism woodcutsangry gibbonHuman physical communicationMona_Lisa smilesmileerbore tribal make up ethiopia
yakuza tattoostribal makeup man new guineaindian jewelryemo boymoroccan architecturefallingwater-1

NMN, a set on Flickr.

Harold Innis was correct that certain communications mediums can be used to control information, but the creativity and adaptability of humanity means that we have always found ways to get around this.


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