Saturday, February 26, 2011

Collective Intelligence: Assignment 2

REMINDER: Input method has changed. Please use DELICIOUS instead of Zoho

Weight: 15%
Objective & Procedure
2 heads are better than one, so goes the saying. Following Rheingold’s concept of a smart mob, as a class we are going to collectively share our findings.
  1. Choose 3 texts (blog posts, journal articles, book chapters, YouTube videos etc...) that deal with this week’s key ideas of participatory literacy, smart mobs, community/collective action. 
  2. Instead of inputting your findings on ZOHO, please do it on Delicious which we're already using - those are the bookmarks on the right-hand side of our blog.

     Go to
     You'll have to create an account if you don't yet have one (it's free of course)

     Then, choose to "save a new bookmark" and paste in the url of the text you want to summarise.

    Now, delicious only lets us use 1000 characters in the notes section for each url that we bookmark, that's probably not enough for a summary and all the bibliographic information (we're aiming for 2-3 paragraphs per summary). So, instead, bookmark your three texts using Delicious and BE SURE to use our course tag NMN when you bookmark them so we can all find them.

     THEN in your blog post, please include a summary and the bibliographic information:
 Title Author Surname, First name Author First Name Additional Authors Publication Date Journal Publication, Book Title (if chapter in a book), Website Publisher Page Numbers or URL (any other pertinent information) Tags & Keywords Summary: Key Terms and Ideas
  1. Input your findings by Friday 17:00 so that, as a group, we have the weekend to peruse and comment on each other’s readings. Any comments on readings should be noted in a concise blog post (titled appropriately and tagged as assignment 2) on our class blog:

Due: March 4th 2011. 

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